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Expert Witness Services

Litigation can result in the need for a qualified professional to present his/her opinion to support or oppose evidence submitted to the court. Our professional staff has served as an expert witness in such cases. Our knowledge enables us to provide detailed, efficient, and effective expert testimony regarding all accounting and financial transactions. In addition our firm provides consultation and case evaluation that can be invaluable at all stages of a case. Stuart Vener and Fred Claridge will provide unbiased answers about the merits of a case, often saving attorneys, their clients, and the courts time and money.

With over 80 years of combined finance and lending experience Vener and Claridge are qualified to testify in the following cases:

  • Criminal Financial matters
  • Civil Financial matters
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Insurance Defense Work
  • Federal and State Securities Law Investigations
  • Corporate Misuse of Funds
  • Corporate Embezzlement
  • Shareholder Class Action Disputes
  • Customer Disputes
  • Tax Litigation
  • Accountant Malpractice Claims


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