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We work closely with legal teams, lenders and investors to quickly and efficiently assess Mortgage & Lending in residential lending. Together, we have a combined experience of over 75 years in finance, mortgage processing, origination and underwriting which is a highly important factor to properly documenting fraud and assessing due diligence shortfalls of lenders.

We specialize in analyzing and documenting fraud in the mortgage industry which, according to the FBI, has increased to unprecedented levels in recent years. The mortgage industry is currently undergoing a mortgage meltdown which will result in a flood of litigation and regulatory scrutiny. Financial institutions, bond investors, and federal/state regulators who need highly qualified experts to perform forensic analysis and testimony to assess Mortgage & Lending will find is a key source of reliable information and testimony.

The Mortgage Meltdown of 2007 has resulted in many lenders (public and private) closing their doors but they will still be held accountable for lax underwriting standards and lack of proper due diligence and quality control procedures. is positioned to provided the highest level of professional experience in the mortgage industry. Please review our consultation services information for terms and conditions to retain our firm.

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