What is The Cost, and How Do I Start?

We charge a fee of one percent (1%) of the current loan amounts with a $1,000 minimum and a $4,000 maximum. To start, complete the "Start Now" Form with your charge of $100.00. All documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours as a PDF file. Your balance will reflect a credit for the $100 initial charge. If necessary, payment terms can be arranged for the balance. Call us at (877) 255-1074 to arrange terms. If property is unencumbered, the fee is a flat $2,000.00.

Is This Legal?

Both Federal and all State laws allow the owner of real property to sell (or grant) his property to whoever he desires.

Is the Owner's name still on the Loan?

The loan is secured by the property. In selling the property to us, We takes full responsibility for the property and any liens attached to it.


Isn't This Too Easy?

The person who sells property to our Company is someone who has made the decision to "walk away" from a property. Once the decision is made, you owe it to yourself and your family to put “the best possible spin” on an unfortunate situation.

I'm living in the property. How long may I stay?

If you are living in the property, you may continue to live there at no monthly rent. It typically takes between 6 months and as long as 2 years after our acquisition to ultimately divest ourselves of your property.

What About the Borrower's Credit?

Any derogatory items that appear on your credit report can be protested through a supplement at the factual data company, and may also be protested through the credit bureaus. We will provide you with various Guides to enable you to legally and successfully repair and keep your credit in good order.

What is your procedure to work with the Lender?

We notify the lender(s) immediately after acquiring title that We will actively market the property (to mitigate the lender's loss) and, in the interim, WILL NOT be making any payments. This, together with notice of the Loan Assumption without prior lender approval, forces the lender to initiate the Trust Deed Foreclosure procedure while Wilshire and the Realtor attempt to negotiate a short sale. You will receive a copy of the lender notification as part of your package.

How Long Does This Take to do?

We can have you deeded out of the ownership of your property in two or three days.

May my Broker, Accountant, or Attorney Contact You?

We appreciate your concerns and are pleased to discuss and explain our System with your professional advisor.